This is a design I submitted for the #nextbucketfeetartist competition in May 2014.  I was one of only ten finalists in the international competition, which was a compliment and an honor.  This is the information I sent with my submission.  


1.) About the Design:
        'Synchronicity' is about the connectedness of everything in the life of an individual.  We syncopate everything- memories, relationships, songs- over the cadence of our first-hand experience.  It is arguably how we learn everything we think we know.  All the molecular chunks are representative of these things- thoughts, emotions- things we want to remember, and things we want to forget.  A memory could be long-forgotten, but somehow its never gone.

2.) Inspiration:
        My inspiration for this piece comes from deliberately and strategically re-processing my own breadth of Life experience.  My own emotional relationship with the work is not completely communicated visually, but has been a constant in my creative ebb and flow for probably two years.
        Having strode through my own existential crisis, I have found myself deposed realizing how everything before my questions about reality- led to them, and how the relationships I've cultivated over the past 31 yrs- have all helped me re-establish a system for creating meaning in life.  This piece- as ambitious as it may be to say- is a reflection on the peace I feel after formulating some of my own conclusions.  Leaving terrifying uncertainty and the deafening loneliness of relentless questioning behind.  For me, this piece is about landing.  It's about finding something I needed to find.