My name is Thomas Monson and, quite surprisingly- so also is the name of the President of the Mormon Church of America.  SO, like many contemporary artists, designers, and musicians - I have taken a moniker to brand and differentiate myself from others in my field.  Thus, Guilty Creature was born.  I have been freelancing as a Studio Artist, Designer, and Branding Consultant since graduating from college.  I meet clients in various parts of their creative process and lead them to a final product they are excited about.  As a creative professional I've probably most enjoyed visual problem solving - choosing and designing content that communicates my client's message and aesthetic.  I helped establish a  non-profit Art Studio called The Poethouse in Central Oregon in 2008 and eventually was asked to take over as Executive Director in 2010.  After a brief but stereotypical move to Portland in my late twenties, I moved to Redding, California to create the Secret Underground Lair  - an Art Studio and Gallery with rooftop views of Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen.  I eventually had to close it's doors when the building came under new ownership, but was coincidentally freed up to then star on Season 7 of the hit Norwegian reality TV show "Alt For Norge" in 2016.  I've continued to live a creative lifestyle each new place I've landed, pivoting as necessary.  Now I am fortunate to permanently reside back in beautiful Bend, Oregon where I am a designer, a musician, a mentor, and an armchair beer connoisseur.